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26 février 2014 3 26 /02 /février /2014 04:09

Clean the waste materials in your legs, often add moisture
Leg is the position which is easy to accumulate waste and toxin materials, because at ordinary times, we have the most exercises on the legs, dust and other materials will be accumulated on your legs and knees, and form cutin, toxin in the leg surface, and these waste materials are very easy to make the pore blocking, destroy the blood circulation and water cycle of your legs. Do the legs cleaning before the massage. Besides cleaning the legs, adding moisture after cleaning the waste can increase the flexibility of the leg skin,to make the leg line becomes compact.




Often practicing the badminton for the muscle
Many girls do not like to have the sun bath, then the indoor sports become the best choice, then the badminton is many girls' favorite sports. Although the job is busy, we should squeeze out time to do the sports, by playing the badminton to exercise. Which can promote metabolism and consume adipose. When we are swinging the pat, our arm muscle will be exercised, and say goodbye to the butterfly arms and arm fat.


Control your appetite
When we are say about losing weight, we all know the importance of controlling the appetite. But not everyone can have a good control on the food intake. Especially when we are faced with the fried food and high energy food, we will lose the control.


Keep the aerobic exercises everyday
Our work is very busy, no matter how busy or tired, every day we should insist on doing sports, such as running, swimming and jump in a spot. Some common aerobic exercises and Lida have the very good effect on losing weight. If you can stick to it every day. Consuming thousands of calories is not a problem.

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Alex 20/12/2015 17:51

This is great suggestion of having exercise every day. I will try to keep that in mind.