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26 août 2015 3 26 /08 /août /2015 04:12

Annoying abdominal fat often inadvertently slipped out, let you charm greatly reduced, but too much abdominal fat accumulation will bring the potential health hazards. Indeed reduce abdominal fat is an urgent matter! Chinese Bee Pollen is a successful slimming product, which will reduce the targeted site in easy accumulation of fat and regulate body functioning towards the right track. Read on for these possibilities of waist size increase.

1. The older the more easy long belly, which is a natural law

With increasing age, regardless of gender, our body will gradually change: hormone secretion, metabolism slows down ...... most importantly, the women will go through menopause. Michael Jensen, MD, believes that during menopause, hormones estrogen and progesterone slow; at the same time, testosterone levels begin to decline, but slower - this transition to belly bulge hoarding create opportunities.

2. The exercise intensity is too low

Stubborn belly bulge, in order to defeat it, you have to exercise more strength. A study in the journal "Medicine and Science" published shows that high-intensity training makes it easier to lose belly fat; contrast, low-intensity exercise experience will not bring any major changes. If the high-intensity training sounds terrible, then, try to think - after increase strength, you can burn more calories in a shorter period of time, it is a multiplier of thing.

3. The motion error

Even if you insist on doing sit-ups, do not give you a six-pack abs. Recognize the fact that after this tragic, professional fitness instructor Natalie Jill suggest you do some core training, such plate support (plank), in order to activate your core muscles, exercise your arm, waist, leg muscles.

The pressure is too large

Every increase in pressure increases to bring an inch waistline ...... bad mood will make you more inclined to high-fat, high-calorie foods, at the same time, the body secrete more stress hormones cortisol, may be increase in body fat content, fat cells expand.

5. Lack of motivation

You done any promising weight-loss effort? "Lose belly bulge, a low-calorie sports training healthy eating and combined with high strength," said Dr. Kashyap, "If you pay enough effort, you can beat genetics successfully lose abdominal muscles.

6. wrong fat intake

Body fat is not all react the same way. Research shows that a high degree of intake of saturated fat (meat and dairy) likely to increase visceral fat; on the other hand, monounsaturated fats (such as olive oil and avocados) and certain types of polyunsaturated fats (mainly ω - 3 fatty acids, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and fatty fish such as salmon), have anti-inflammatory effects, proper eating is good for the body. But a registered dietitian Kate Patton warned that any form of fat than the normal intake of calories will increase after, leading to weight gain.

7. Excessive Drinking

Or a small amount of alcohol is not good for health, but also help shape the waist curve. Drinking makes you hundreds of extra calories intake, so if you are to lose weight, stop drinking a month or so, there will be a significant effect.

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