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19 mars 2014 3 19 /03 /mars /2014 08:08

Some mothers wrongly think relying on dietary means can healthily restore the body,the idea is completely mistaken, you know some postpartum weight-loss diet rumor is not reliable. In the baby after birth, some new mom with a one-track mind want to restore the figure, then the tricks, especially in the diet and work hard, hoping to return to previous slim. However, postpartum restore body is a gradual process, improper manner detrimental not only is not beneficial to restore, also it will affect the health.

Rumor I: postpartum diet helps healthily slim
42 days after postpartum, mothers should not blindly have a diet. After the birth of baby, mothers take the double task of restoring energy and feeding, if not enough nutrition, mother and child will suffer,more seriously,it still can cause postpartum complications, so to lose weight by diet is not desirable.Slim Magic Diet Pills contains a variety of natural herbal essence ingredients,which not only get the effect of weight loss,but also provide the needed nutrition.

Rumor II: diet means low calorie meals
Many women in the formulation of "slimming food" for themselves, often calculated based on the calories, think vegetables, fruit is low in calories ,so just eat vegetable and fruit,and don't consume meat and dairy products with high calories, this idea is not reliable. Postpartum diet should be comprehensive and reasonable. Edible fish and meat is not recommended for second weeks postpartum, considering absorption of the body , in the third week, the body can adapt,so can eat appropriate ones . Pregnant women can't picky eating, meals should be diluted with dry, combine meat and vegetables, eat less fried and other non digestible food.

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