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5 juin 2015 5 05 /06 /juin /2015 03:46

Losing weight is actually to reduce fat amount and doesn't matter with weight reduction. If your weight drops but your fat remians unreduced, that proves your muscles and other tissues become weak. This situation that the physicial body becomes weak but still have not achieved the ideal physique is the one which most dieter may be trapped into. This is mostly due to unscientific weight loss, such as blind diet, crazy sports for the pursuit of rapid results. In fact, the most effective, the most healthy, the safest way to shed pounds is to reasonably control your diet: I, control the heat and fat. Always be careful of the calories of food, reduce fatty meat and add some fish, poultry in the diet. II, diet to be light. To eat less salt, salty things eat more, the more you want to eat. Those who eat foods processed with sauce, these things contain rich in sugar, salt and flour, it will increase your calories. III, eat Vegetable & Fruit often. To eat more fruits, vegetables and whole wheat bread with abundant amount of fiber. IV, a balanced diet. Plan a balanced daily diet ahead, while the attention of the time, not to eat. To slow down your eating and a meal of time should not be less than 20 minutes. 5, heat negative balance. Please keep in mind the weight loss principle: calorie intake must be less than your consumption. 6, your will determines the effect and quality of weight loss. In addition, you can also seek other effective slimming ways stepping forward your ultimate goal. Trying premium health products is also a way to shape a good figure. Meizitang brings the unforgettable and meaningful slimming experience to lots of dieters. Its super effective and scientific slimming mechanism attracts a crowd of people with the same goal of pursuing perfect body figure and helps them realize it. You will be the next one!

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Published by hoodiap57, slimming rule - dans healthy slimming
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