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11 février 2015 3 11 /02 /février /2015 11:06

Fat reduction: decrease the body fat rate or reduce fat content. Fat reduction doesn't mean weight loss and people with the same weight, height have great differences in body curve.

Weight loss: refers to the reduced total weight, including muscle, fat, moisture and so on, in the weight loss process, muscle and fat will follow to lose and it is impossible that only fat is reduced, but any other organization remains still.

How to lose weight?

Under normal circumstances, most people are accustomed to three meals a day. The biggest human consumption generally happens in the morning. Because the stomach after a night of digestion has been empty, if you don't eat breakfast, then the consumption of the entire morning activity energy completely relies on dinner the day before, this is far from the daily nutritional needs. So things go down for a long time to cause acute gastritis, gastric dilatation, acute pancreatitis, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction. If eating at night it will produce excess energy, the remaining energy into fat accumulation up. So not eating anything within three hours before going to bed is the most ideal method of weight loss and pay special attention not to drink, meat food.

Fat reduction without dieting

Maybe a lot of people to lose weight would fall into this misunderstanding, in fact, dieting has no help to our slimming. If we go on a diet, so our body consumption, more may be muscle. Because in the resting state, muscle consumes more calories than fat, for the protection principle, our body can independently, quickly shake away muscle. But we know that the less muscle, more difficult fat loss. Botanical Soft Slimming Gel is an easier method than simply dieting. Within its help, you will reap great benefits from body shaping and health.

Insist on strength training

We must adhere to strength training in order to maintain muscle because strength training is the only way for maintaining muscle. In the resting state, every pound of muscle will burn 50 calories, that is to say, the more muscle, the easier to reduce the body fat rate.

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