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25 juillet 2014 5 25 /07 /juillet /2014 13:00

Benefits of drinking yoghurt:

Yogurt can enhance the immune function of human body;

Reduce serum cholesterol level. Experiments have shown that, even in the case without any medication. Every meal drink about 24O grams of yogurt and you will see cholesterol decreasing after a week.

Regular drinking yoghurt can promote bowel movement, reduce the food to the mouth an anal transit time, softening glycolysis colon contents, increasing the fecal excretion, preventing constipation and colon cancer.

How to correctly drink yogurt to lose weight

The best way is to choose those with skimmed fat and low calorie yogurt, although they taste less well than fat yogurt, but low in calories, not making the heat in the body quickly accumulated and forming fat.

Some people are particularly fond of yogurt, often drinking a large number of yogurt after meal, may causing an increase in body weight. This is because the yogurt itself contains a certain quantity of heat,after meal drinking yogurt is equivalent to an additional intake of these heat, causing weight gain. Therefore, in addition to infants, all people are advocated to drink 1~2 cup of yogurt (125~250 ml) as well, preferably after a meal half an hour to an hour to drink, can regulate the intestinal flora, beneficial to health.

Note: when excessive hungry,you cannot drink yoghurt directly and you should eat soup or vegetables, to prevent excessive stomach acidity. You can drink Oolong Tea after meal, but if Oolong Tea can't make you sleep , you can drink Chrysanthemum Tea instead. Vegetables to eat, it can provide enough cellulose and vitamin C, helpful for the emission of excess fat.Magic Slim Diet Pill can not only help boost your metabolism to fast burn fat and also can strengthen your health.

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