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7 juillet 2012 6 07 /07 /juillet /2012 05:27

If you think you have a fat, or are fat, might as well according to experts to provide the thin body of the practice a secret, though only a little change every day, but this will make you to win a health, slim figure, don't even need to go on a diet can do it.


The first day every meal drink a glass of water.Especially attend splendid dinner or go out to dinner more so. Because you may be delicious food and attract feed, Before the water will increase your full feeling, and natural inhibit your appetite. In addition to drink 8 glasses of water every day should guarantee. "The proper water to lose weight is the key to success." Nutrition experts so said.The second day wise to eat, but not to eat less. The correct diet should be a change of diet, eat more fruits, vegetables, and so you calories while reduced, but the metabolic rate did not change, and make your success reducing weight. In addition to eat more vegetables and fruits outside, still should eat a lot of fiber-rich foods, until you are satisfied now. This helps to peristalsis of the gut, and you can try 7 day slim. "Fiber is low caloric food, and can fill the stomach. In addition, most fiber on lower your cholesterol content is also very helpful." Nutrition experts RongRui maher, said.


The third day using eat much food less eating plan. Try to eat every day 4 to 6 meal. But every time eat is very few. The "eat much food less" diet beautiful, can make your blood sugar steady, still can make your appetite not too strong. Can avoid the hunger and eating too much. The fourth day start to prepare a diet and exercise diary, rrite down every day you eat what food, how much to eat, and fitness movement of some circumstance. Don't forget to take your drink beverage also write down. So you can find out from your diary you eating habits bad habit for future to correct them.


The fifth day shopping in the supermarket, to examine the label on the food. You carefully see label, you may find that the food that is the food can skim contain very high sugar. This should pay special attention. In addition, should also pay attention to the food out of the fat content, experts advise: every day in your total calorie intake, the number of fat should be less than 30%. Phenomenon tip: fat is in the process of reducing weight natural enemies, want to thin body of the United States eyebrow tend to it heading for the hills. I found the female friends around as long as said to lose weight, will swore, I want to go on a diet, I which day does not have a thing, I which water all day. This concept outdated, reduce weight does not represent a hunger strike, but to eat more, the key lies in you what to eat, how to eat of 7 days slim.


The sixth day began to implement a drink soup lose weight li tips: in your lunch or dinner, try to drink some more light fish soup or tomatoes and clear soup. The study shows that in every meal drink a bowl of clear soup, the more help to lose weight. Because soup can make you produce full feeling and won't get fat, and rich in nutrition. Try it in every meal drink a bowl of clear soup weight loss of beautiful, you will receive the result that expect is less than. The seventh day in your refrigerator note vegetable health food.


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