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26 mai 2014 1 26 /05 /mai /2014 12:09

In the modern aesthetics of the pursuit of S curve , belly fat has become inconsistent with a drag beauty of the era, when you heartless are considered a "belly woman",whether you want to change something for yourself, then let me help you.

Method I, after meal standing will be better

After meal standing for twenty minutes can not only promote the digestion of food, but also can avoid the abdomen, particularly taboo eat nest to watch TV or play computer games, because the belly will come out.

Methods II, strict control of eating time

Our activity and metabolism at night will be greatly reduced, so generally,you have to stop eating after eight o'clock in the evening, especially people staying at home, if not strict control of your mouth, then when you are watching TV happily, the belly is growing happy,

Method III, use salt to lose weight

If there is no salt,you can also choose the coarse salt, after taking a shower, take the right amount of salt to abdominal massage can effectively eliminate abdominal swelling, maybe you can choose Bee Pollen And Weight Loss and it can increase water metabolism and easily to eliminate abdominal swelling, long-term use of it can lose belly meat.

Method IV, the subconscious mind to lose weight

This is a method to prevent the wanton accumulation of abdominal fat and we need to form a kind of abdomen in the subconscious instructions, remind yourself to maintain an abdomen state whether sitting or standing and thus can exercise abdominal muscles.

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