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8 avril 2014 2 08 /04 /avril /2014 11:06

Maybe you're still complaining that all because of being busy, you become more fat. But you know what?What really makes you fat is bad habits at work.Below I will share OL slimming three codes,  I wish it could help you avoid diet minefield and successful slimming.

The first rule of weight loss: control and adjustment of the diet

Three meals a day or a few many meal, but because few many meals is difficult to define its amount, so avoid afternoon tea and snacks.When a group of OL's love in the afternoon at afternoon tea, please refuse to join, unless you want it to go crazy, that is to choose the afternoon tea meal. Refuse fried and starch, fried chicken, dumplings, ground meat, sugar sweetened beverages, eat Lu flavor, pure Tofu pudding, Coffee, pure tea, candied fruit... Etc..

The second rule of weight loss: weight-loss pills undesirable

Weight loss pills must be eaten and eat the fatter, the first row of bed and breakfasts will make you feel it very helpful, but void is the beginning of starting become fat, it will be out of control suddenly liking blow up balloons.Finally, mood and endocrine disorders.Qualified health care can be eaten.Lack of vitamin B group can cause chronic diseases such as skin, fatigue, constipation, dyspepsia, anemia, memory deterioration, peripheral neuritis, vascular lesions, etc. And proper supplements of vitamin B group,also can secondary metabolism, so people often say matching B vitamins group to lose weight can help you get the best weight loss effect.Lida is nutritional and safe for you to take this product. There is no diarrhea and rebounding.It contains India lotus leaf,whcih burns existing fat at a faster rate.

The third rule of weight loss: exercise is the only proper course to take to maintain a good figure

OL long-term sedentary in front of the computer work and lack of operation will cause lower body blood returning blocked, leg edema, buttocks and abdominal mast.In the office or the restroom, as long as you take a few minutes to do the following simple movements,you can effectively reduce the possibility of your becoming fat. Twist twist, stretch, relieve muscle fatigue, pull back and hand can let you avoid heavy and mother hand!

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