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30 juin 2014 1 30 /06 /juin /2014 11:10

If you're trying to keep close tabs on added sugars and calories, it's time to rethink a daily Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. This seasonal drink should only serve as an occasional indulgence — not an everyday occurrence. Just one tall peppermint mocha (made with two-percent milk and no whipped cream) weighs in at 250 calories with 40 grams of sugar.

Getting rid of your Starbucks habit will help develop your waistline (and your wallet), but you can still enjoy the holiday scent and flavor regularly, just with a new convention. Replacing your peppermint mocha for a cup of hot peppermint tea keeps your drink in the spirit of the season while supporting your healthy slimming goals.

It suppresses appetite: Mint's strong scent has been proven to help control your appetite and suppress cravings. If you're always reaching for a sweet treat after dinner, consider drinking a cup of hot peppermint tea to help curb your dessert desires.

It supports digestion: Multiple studies have shown that peppermint tea can calm down your gastrointestinal tract and promote healthy bowel movements; in short, it keeps things moving and flowing naturally in your body.And peppermint tea can alleviate constipation, get digestion back on normal course, and that even folks suffering with IBS symptoms may find relief feeling with peppermint oil capsules.

It keeps you relaxed: In a NASA-funded study, researchers found that during a stressful commute, subjects who smelled peppermint decreased their anxiety and fatigue levels by 20 percent and decreased frustration by 25 percent. When it comes to weight loss, increased cortisol levels from great stress can have negative consequences on your metabolism. The calming, soothing scent from the peppermint tea can help reduce stress and keep your body on track.

It's also easy to make your own fresh, homemade peppermint tea in your kitchen. If you don't love the minty flavor in your tea, trying lighting a peppermint candle or taking a few whiffs of peppermint essential oil instead. Many natural forms of the scent could prove to be helpful and effective!Superslim is also proved to be effective in promoting metabolism and improving bowel movement,timely discharging waste and toxin.

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