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3 août 2012 5 03 /08 /août /2012 05:10

Said to lose weight, the most important thing is how much control intake of calories. The quantity of heat that absorbs many, inside body adipose will escalate and let us get fat, the quantity of heat that absorbs less, of the body adipose decompose will come added body energy, then we will become thinner. But really can do how much control heat is very difficult, if encounter holidays and all kinds of party, that is easier. So we can change strategy, to focus on the meal time, also can very good control calorie intake. Such as selection in our body is the most exuberant energy consumption when have dinner, it can be very good inhibit the generation of fat.


Experts say, the most suitable for have a meal of the time should be in the us in a hunger, at this time the body will be to the brain sends a need to replenish the energy of the signal. But maybe a lot of people have the same experience, that 7 days slim is often appear as if the hunger, and at this time of the body and not really lack of energy. If this time no good solution to suppress appetite, and still had some food of high quantity of heat, so we are certain to be fat. So below, we introduce the two best diet time, let you no longer produce hunger.


Eat breakfast time should choose after get up in an hour. We have already said, have a meal of the time should choose the most active cells the body, the consumption of the most heat, so wake up in the morning, should be timely for the body compensatory nutrition. And then we have almost 10 hours without eating, the body of protein has also been consumption done, and then more need to eat. More important, if certain energy intake in the morning, so the body can consume more fat. In fact every time I got is different, so eating breakfast and no fixed time, only to get up in an hour after that,choose 7 day  slim is right. Know? Don't eat breakfast is the most stupid method reducing weight, because it will not only affect the healthy body, but also go against reduce weight.


There is a very easy to reduce weight of the meal time is in after 30 minutes of exercise to 45 minutes. Because this time, the body of biochemical enzyme very much, can consume a lot of energy, and the right now can store the energy hormone is also biochemical enzymes to inhibited, and greatly reduce the fat producing rate. So at this time for dinner, into the body of the material will change into energy and not fat. So those who are afraid to eat after a sports can cause dietary excess does not need to worry about, as long as not eat and drink too much, choose suitable time to eat, he won't get fat.


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