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25 avril 2014 5 25 /04 /avril /2014 10:42

Very many people are not fat at the school days, but afterwards become actually more and more fat, these people are unable to restrain to ask, “why the human could put on weight?”.Really very many reasons may cause the obesity, below I will count for you reasons causing obesity ambushing by your side, let you have a correct knowledge of obesity, effectively to slim down.

Lack of sleep. Especially for those crowd who used to stay up all night,with less than 4 hours of sleep,the possibility of obesity increase by 73% than people with normal sleeping time.And lack of sleep can make people have a higher level of the appetite factor.

Especially in the summer,we all need the air conditioning. Air conditioning makes the body be always kept at constant temperature state,our body do not need to adjust the body heat. But if the temperature is really low, the body will automatically burn fat to keep warm. But if the temperature is high, always more or less to reduce appetite. Often blowing air conditioning make the heat regulating mechanism to be blocked and easier to become obese.

In addition, if your friends mostly are fat, you have to be careful, because the possibility of you getting fat will increase by more than half, obesity can also be "infected". Because if your friend or relative is obese,it is easy to change the standard of reasonable weight acceptance, to influence the diet structure and the life style.

Studies have shown that, there exists a "leptin" in our body, also known as anti-obesity factor, the main hormones to reduce hunger,which controls our preferences for food. People lacking of "leptin" enjoy all the food, and have a good appetite,belong to the very easily the type of obesity. If you are fat and always have a good appetite, then the effect of just goiing on a diet to lose weight is minimal,Super Slim Pomegranate Weight Loss is a well-known weight loss product in the US and Europe.The main ingredients of Super Slim are extracts of Pomegranate and many other fruits such as Koncing Nut, Apple and Kiwi fruit etc.More importantly,it is a good appetite-supress supplement.Therefore,by taking it,your appetite is always under your control.

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