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3 septembre 2014 3 03 /09 /septembre /2014 12:15

To lose weight you need to develop some good life habits, so as to effectively improve weight loss efficiency, below to introduce several kinds of methods reducing weight to help you easily control the body weight.

Moderate drinking

We usually say, drinking alcohol will get fat. In fact, the alcohol itself does not contain particularly high heat, the key lies in that the alcohol will make the big appetite, causing eating high calorie food. Excessive drinking will inhibit the secretion of leptin,affecting weight loss. In order to maintain the balance of leptin, you should learn the right amount of drinking.

In fact, drinking beer also can reduce weight, beer yeast in beer contains high quality dietary fiber, it can adsorb fat in the process of digesting food, eventually excreted. Vitamin B and minerals it contains can accelerate fat metabolism, on the one hand to control the absorption of fat, on one hand, accelerate the consumption of fat, to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Appropriate decompression

When we are in pressure, our body will produce a kind of ghrelin and ghrelin is a kind of stress hormone, its content increased with pressure, resulting from physical neglect of signal leptin. This is why when we are in pressure, there will be eating behavior. So we must learn to decompression, release the pressure by health channel, such as sports, or to make a hullabaloo about KTV crazy, look for a friend to chat and so on, in order to avoid overeating situation under pressure, controlling the hunger hormone production, maintaining normal levels of leptin, thus can help us lose weight.

Eat a healthy breakfast

A lot of people to lose weight is to try and squeeze the diet, but not enough nutrition breakfast will only reduce the levels of leptin, so in order to improve leptin level, you also need a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast includes carbohydrate, protein and vitamins, full complement of nutrients the body needs. After breakfast, leptin levels will continue to rise, effectively stimulating leptin.Botanical Slimming can encourage your slimmind will by improving metabolism to achieve fast fat burning,keeping weight in the reasonable range.

Moderate exercise

The appropriate amount of exercise can improve leptin levels in vivo. As long as 2 times a week, every 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise to improve the human leptin levels. Moderate intensity aerobic exercise, such as walk, go jogging or other motion whic can significantly accelerate the rate of heart, moderate intensity exercise has obvious effect on reducing triglyceride. Such as brisk walking for half an hour every day, not only can accelerate the burning of fat, calorie consumption, but also can adjust the leptin levels in vivo.

Excessive intake of vitamin B restrains leptin secretion

When the content of vitamin B in the body is more 30% than the normal demand, it will effect the brain nervous system, restraining leptin secretion rate. So we should pay attention to intake of vitamin B, usually intake of 61.2 mg of vitamin B for female adult every day is sufficient , excessive intake will affect the secretion of leptin. In fact, we can also add vitamin D to enhance the level of leptin, vitamin D is essential ingredient for the generation of leptin , in daily life we can supplement vitamin D through diet or a vitamin D .

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